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Best Lock for Home – Door Lock Buying Guide 2022

Best Lock for Home; It is important to make your home entryway & your families secure from thieves and robbers. Right decision at right time means choosing right door lock setup will make sure your home is easily accessible to you but remains closed against intruders. Door lock are to fancy now a days it includes .mechanisms for both doorknobs and deadbolts, features like Wi-Fi connectivity, keyless entry, a touchscreen control pad.

Types of Best Lock for Home – 2022

Here we go to help you identify the best door lock if you have a mortice deadlock, deadlatch or a multi-point locking system, we will talk about best & secure easy to use Home Door Locks.

  • Euro Profile Lock Cylinder
  • 5 Lever Mortice Deadlock
  • BS3621 5 Lever Mortice Deadlock 
  • Multi Point Locking System 
  • Rim Automatic Deadlatch 

The first lock we will have a look on Euro Profile Lock Cylinder because it’s cylinder look confuses a lots of people’s. Hahaha

1. Euro Profile Lock Cylinder

Dorset is a prominent name among Euro Profile Lock Cylinder manufacturers and distributor in United States. Here the Euro Profile Lock Cylinder lock is designed for industrial uses only but what it’s also perfect use for home use like perfect for bathroom, bedroom, etc. Euro locking technology is 100% security proof gives you controlled access with maximum security from robbers. It’s look is offered by Dorset. Such as it’s euro profile cylinder-half lock, exact cylinder lock, super cylinder lock and construction key lock. It’s key features such as it have both side key, font side key, and other side knob. And it is available sizes in 60, 70, 80, 90 & 100 mm. Euro Profile Lock Cylinder also provide master keying facility if required.

2. 5 Lever Mortice Deadlock

A Mortice Lock or Mortise Lock it is a lock that requires pocket. The mortice lock mounted into the edge of the door or piece of furniture. It is mostly earlier were found in older older buildings constructed before the advent of bored cylindrical locks. Mortice Deadlock come with high secure. solid brass face and striker plates and Available in 10 finishes and also 46mm and 57mm backsets. 

3. BS3621 5 Lever Mortice Deadlock 

BS3621 stands for 5 Lever Mortise Deadlock, Robbery-Resistant Lock by the British Standards Institute (BSI), a lock found in the front and rear doors of homes. This is the best security lock which protects your home from thief and will be safe from robbery.

4 Multi Point Locking System 

Multi Point Locking System is a type of lock that provides an added layer of security to your font and backs doors of your houses. It is most extended lock, If not, there are many locking points at the full height of the door and the edge of the door. It’s extra locking system strength your houses security by providing a hard seal with door length, top to bottom. This compression also makes the door more weather-resistant than the standard door, making it more energy efficient.

5. Rim Automatic Deadlatch 

Auto protruding edge patch with lock knob on the inside of the door. The cylinder inside the lock connects to the keyhole outside the door. These devices provide extra security at night, allowing home owners to close their doors more securely from inside.

Here we are for helping you to find Best lock for Home : Listed Below


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