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Free RDP Server 2021 Windows 7×64, Windows 10×64 & ubuntu for 50 Hours

How to Get free rdp server: Until recently, we used to use technology very little. In this 2021 era technology has become demandable, where technology is also technology that too technology is now so good technology. Haha :- although now a days almost work are depend on technology whether it is a online shopping or recharging your monthly plan And all that handled by a server.

In today’s time around every work done through online internet easily & whether you or me can know what happened in this era while sitting at home. Today in this article I’ll tell you how to access free to server whether it is Windows 7×64, Windows 10×64 & ubuntu you can access it for 50 Hours.

If you don’t know about rdp server, so buddy stay continue.. this post is very important and valuable for you…

What is RDP – Remote Desktop Protocol? – Free rdp Server

RDP i.e that Remote Desktop Protocol it is a type of protocol through which can control other virtual computer or a server computer (free to server). Through Remote Desktop Protocol we can remotely access another virtual computer with high specifications depend upon what type you server or rep provider chooses.

And Remote Desktop Protocol is developed by Microsoft, RDP helps in connecting graphical & any network to the computer. Through which it get remotely access to any computer. At a time RDP feature where only in Microsoft Computer, In today’s time it also available on Linux, macOS, Unix as well as in android also RDP available. Remote Desktop Protocol is manufactured by only Microsoft.

In today’s time, due to the elevation in technology and users of all types of operating systems, RDP (Remote Desktop Control) tool is also available for OSX and Unix as free rdp server. Knowing you that Remote Desktop Protocol runs only on TCP port 3388 and UDP port 3389.

Let us tell you that in today’s time Microsoft sells its RDP Tool customers in the name of ‘Terminal Service client’. Microsoft has also given a lot of basic information related to this protocol on its website.

Earlier this type of news exist secretly. But after sometime this were published globally, the biggest software company Microsoft included RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) while it’s window update.

How to use RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) as free rdp server?

RDP is a protocol in which virtual computers can be controlled through the Internet and that computer will more powerful as compared to your simple computer where you can get high internet connection upto 1Gbps speed. Screens of virtual computer can be shared through this protocol. For this, the process of Remote Desktop Connection is followed.

Most companies fix the mistake of their client’s computers by using the Remote Desktop Protocol. Using RDP, companies solve the problems of their clients. Through this, Laptop #1 Computer Software Related Problems are solved. Another computer located on the same connection can be controlled through the Remote Desktop Protocol. And uploading large file on a server can be done through rdp server in a single click.

Is it possible to get free rdp server if i say yes then, well guys let’s create free rdp for 50 hr runtime. In which you will get Windows 7×64, Windows 10×64 & ubuntu.

Requirements :-

  • A Lappy or Desktop Computer
  • A GitHub Account
  • & Basic Information About Coding

How to get a free VPS and RDP, I’ll use a Github account, you can use anything else or same, then after being registered with one of the sites that mention link below:


After successfully logging in, you create New Workspaces, then select any template.

Then create ngrok token to connect the RDP or VPS that will be created later.

Ngrok Authtoken

In the terminal that opens enter the code below but before that press CTRL+C to close the running process.

#Free RDP Server Windows 7×64

sudo su
wget -O w7x64.sh https://bit.ly/windows7x64gitpod
chmod +x w7x64.sh

After running this command at the end there ask for Ngrok Authtoken that simple copy your Ngrok Authtoken code from your account.

#Free RDP Server Windows 10×64

sudo su
wget -O w10x64.sh https://bit.ly/windows10x64gitpod
chmod +x w10x64.sh

After running this command at the end there ask for Ngrok Authtoken that simple copy your Ngrok Authtoken code from your account.

#Free VPS Ubuntu


sudo su


wget -O mate.sh https://bit.ly/linuxmate
chmod +x mate.sh

Connect free VPS ubuntu with remote desktop user root password as you make


sudo su


wget -O xfce4.sh https://bit.ly/liunuxxfce4
chmod +x xfce4.sh

Connect free VPS ubuntu with remote desktop user root password as you make

Note: if error curl: (7) Failed to connect to port 4040: Connection refused enter the code below

./ngrok tcp 3389

It is recommended to use mate or xfce4 because it does not lag, for windows CPU 100% there is no recommendation for windows lite which is light to use

Maybe that’s all for this article about Free Rdp Server for Windows and ubuntu runtime upto 50 Hours.


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