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Strong Password – Create a Strong Password in OneTouch

Strong Password – It is a sign of the time that we have a day called World Password Day. Every year in May of first Thursday, organizing around the world remind users of the ‘importance of a strong password’.

Many people still connive the power of their passwords and believe that simple procedures like blackmail or qwerty1234 will protect them from cybercriminals. Regardless of the cyber security in your industry or organization, simple passwords are not just an issue for your employees, your network and your data.

Sometime it’s seems creating a unique and strong password is like a daunting task, especially when we highly recommend for creating a strong and unique password for the which we registered on. If someone has to make his password unique and strong and also has to remember it, then he will be overwhelmed if the password is something like this: Wq2e-78P-H2O^qS.

It may also happen that you keep a simple password that you remember knowing that that password is not safe yet, and if someone knows your simple password, then your website or any site where your information stored will be exposed. Or you will use a short and simple word password like that will relate to your personal life, for instance – keeping your password your girlfriend name hahaha :- it still a weak password, easy to guessing. Or if you create a strong password, ‘probably because your bussiness or any secret website force you to do it’ And you think you should keep password anywhere noted to remember and login but in this case if anyone access your note then they can access your business or website too.

How to Create a Strong Password?

The only vision of a strong password is that the length should be large and the letter should be mixed like upper and lower case and containing numbers or symbols and no word should be from personal information and no dictionary word. The good news is that you don’t have to memorize random letters and uppercase letters or symbols to enter all of these elements into your password. You need a few tricks.

jQuery Password Generator

Using jQuery to quickly and Easily g Generate Passwords.

Example 🙂

How It Works

data-size attribute is used to set the number of characters that is used in the field, if you need a password with 12 characters, then set this attribute to 12.

data-character-set attribute is used to set the character type used in the password. You can use numbers 0-9, letters a-z (and or) A-Z, and spical characters #. All of these sets can be used individually work together.


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