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How to Find Low Search Competition Keywords for YouTube

YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world, and low competition keywords are valuable because they can be easier to rank for. With low competition keywords you have more of a chance of ranking on YouTube’s first page for your target keyword phrase. In order to find low competition keywords, we need to start with some initial research on how people use YouTube in India. This will give us an idea as to what types of videos do well and which don’t so that we can narrow down our focus and spend our time wisely.

What is Low Competition Keywords?

To put low competition keywords into an example, consider the keyword phrase “how to tie a bowtie.” The low search volume for this particular phrase is around 100 searches per month in India and over 400 globally. In contrast, you have the high search volume phrases such as “best kitchen knife” with over 700 monthly searches in India.

A low-competition key word or phrase can help your videos rank higher on YouTube because it has less content competing against yours in any given area. Your ultimate goal should be to outrank all other videos that are currently ranking for your targeted low competition keywords so when someone types these words into YouTube they see results pertaining to what they want right at the top of their screen! By using low competition keywords, you have a much higher chance of getting more video views which will result in more subscribers and potentially even make money on YouTube if your videos are monetized.

Finding Keywords Using YouTube’s Search Bar

Start by going to the top right corner of youtube and selecting the magnifying glass icon as shown below:

When you do this, you’ll notice that Google’s first suggested search is “how to tie a bowtie” exactly matching our low-competition keyword phrase! This suggests that there is a high demand for how-to style content on tying bowties on YouTube. If we type in “How To Tie A Bowtie” into their search bar we can see some results such as these below:

Search Results for low competition keywords “How To Tie A Bowtie”

For low competition keywords, it is important to notice the low amount of views each video has. This means that there are less people competing against you and your videos will likely rank higher on YouTube for this keyword phrase if you can create a high quality how-to style video! The next step would be to click into these search results and see what other keywords they may have ranked for as well. You’ll find out quickly that many others typed in different versions of “how to tie a bowtie” such as “how do you tie a bowtie” or simply just typing in “bowties.” It’s also worth noting that you can see the low competition keywords on YouTube’s search bar by looking at how many views they have and seeing which ones are ranking for them.

Creating a Keyword Worksheet to Save for Later Use

It is suggested that you create a list of low competition or high traffic keywords so that you don’t forget about any good ideas while creating your new video content! This way, if I want to come back and look up some low competition youtube videos using these phrases later on when it comes time to publish my own, I’ll easily be able find what I need with this keyword worksheet created earlier. In order to do this, simply go into Microsoft Word or Google Docs (or whatever word processor program you use) and type out all of the low competition keywords that you find using YouTube’s search bar.

If your goal is to start a channel on YouTube with low competition keywords in mind, then this worksheet will come in handy when it comes time to research what video topics resonate best with viewers and optimize your videos for these low-competition phrases! You’ll also want to save them into an excel file or other database so you can access them later while researching new content ideas. Once again, I recommend Google Docs because of how easily accessible they are across all devices so no matter where you go, if you have internet connection there should be zero problems accessing this keyword list at any given moment.

Tying It All Together

By now we know that low competition keywords should be a main priority for anyone looking to create new video content on YouTube. However, it is important that you don’t forget about other low hanging fruit such as popular trending topics and phrases! This way you can make sure not to miss out on any low competition keywords or high traffic ideas when coming up with your next how-to style tutorial videos using low competition youtube keywords.

I hope this article has been helpful in teaching you how to find low competition keyword phrases for Youtube Videos . If so let me know what type of tutorials I should write about next by leaving a comment down below! Thanks again for reading my blog post and if you have any questions feel free to contact me through the LiveChat button at the bottom right corner of your screen



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