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WhatsApp Web Guide for using on Tablet, PC or Laptop – WhatsApp QR Code

WhatsApp Web :- In earlier and still what people think “WhatsApp require a smartphone to send a message” but what the key points here is you can also send message through your computer or tablet, today in this article I’ll show you “How you can Benifits from WhatsApp Web“.

As compared to earlier life when there is no any emailing system postmail where incline a source of communication, but now a days technology power build many system through which communication become more faster. In that many system one of the best that bonded it’s zone globally is WhatsApp Messenger, it is a messaging app of choice for many smartphone users. We can send or receive any message in a second. But when your battery runs out or you don’t have your phone with you, you can suddenly find yourself in isolation without access to your messages.

Just by only a WhatsApp QR by scanning it into your computer and laptop, however you can be sure that you are always contactable. especially while you are at important work. Thanks alot to the new multi-device features (WhatsApp Web) you can use your whatsapp account up to four ‘companion devices’. Unfortunately they can’t be other phones, however if you really want to use WhatsApp on two phones we have a solution. ‘Use a desktop mode in any browser like chrome or you can use WhatsApp Web application from playstore’ or a Facebook Portal.

Albeit it is possible to access your whatapp account on a tablet or computer or in your other smartphone  it’s not something we’d recommend.

Sometimes WhatsApp web is most important for most of users, ensuring you or people like me can not only read and response to any messages or any other devices but you can also send and receive photo or videos too. The best part of “WhatsaApp Web” is it’s completely free to and requires only a one touch set-up abhi.. After which you will login unit you don’t log out.

We’ll take the Adventure of this WhatsApp Web through the short process below. hahaha let’s go man..

1. Launch WhatsApps Application in your Android smartphone or iPhone, tap the three dot icon up right corner (or the settings cog on iPhone) and select Linked Devices options.
2. Tap on “Linked a Device”.
3. Now open web.whatsapp.com in web browser of your choice it maybe “Google Chrome or Puffin web browser” on device which you wants to access your whatsapp account. It’ll will also work for ios in iPhone or tablet with help of. Safari Browser.
4. When you open web.whatsapp.com you’ll see a QR code on your tablet or Computer Display, point your phone camera at this QR to scan it and link it. WhatsApp Web will automatically launch in the browser, and will in it until you logout, either into your computer or any smartphone.
5. You can get to this by returning to the Linked Devices screen in Settings on your phone and tapping Devices, then logging out. Alternatively, you can do this by clicking the three dot icon at the top of the conversation list in a browser window, then clicking ‘Log Out’.

How to Install the WhatsApps Web Desktop App?

Instead of logging in via browser, The WhatsApps Messenger also offers a desktop clients app for Desktop or Mac, Bringing additional functionality including full notification support for eager desktop chatters. If you’ll use WhatsApp Web daily, this is an easy option & the WhatsApps Web Desktop Client app can be downloaded from from whatsapp.com/download right now.

Click on green Download Button to download the installer.exe file into your computer, once it all done open it and or Just double click it to install. On Windows PC you have to follow the installer steps, and on Mac, just drag the WhatsApp icon to your Applications folder to complete the installation.

Launch the WhatsApp desktop application and you will be greeted by an almost identical WhatsApp web interface. As in the browser version, you will be asked to scan a QR code, so take your phone and open the Settings menu and select the relevant device. Then point the phone’s camera at the QR code displayed on the screen.

As with the browser app, the desktop app will allow you to sign in to WhatsApp until you decide to sign out. You can talk to your friends on WhatsApp while you’re using your computer or laptop, along with the ability to send and receive media files, etc., and of course write messages faster on your computer or laptop keyboard.


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